About Us

Project Irrigation, a Queensland based company, has earned an industry reputation in maintaining high standards in design, construction & delivery for pumping and irrigation systems.

Project Irrigation offers a complete water management solution from concept stage, design & planning all the way through to construction & project management.

Our objective is to work within the environment with zero tolerance towards harming it. In fact, being water focused, our activities enhance and protect the environment while supporting sustainable business goals.

Project Irrigation’s ability has been recognised by a steady stream of clients in Local & State Government, commerce, the mining industry, education, and sport & recreation.

Project Irrigation is a holder of a BSA license, certifications in plant operation, butt welding, EF welding and Certified Irrigation Design.

Project Irrigation’s record in major projects has seen us deliver on time and on budget.

With qualifications and over 35 years of experience in the industry, our owner Ben Chapman can offer detailed technical knowledge to design & offer solutions to the most complex pumping and water management projects.

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