Rain Bird 5000 Series Nozzle Tree – MPR


5000 Series MPR Nozzles

Perfectly Balanced Coverage with the 5000 Series Rotor
  • Rain Curtain™ nozzles deliver even distribution over the entire radius including large wind resistant droplets and gentle close-in watering resulting in greener turf using less water
  • Precipitation rate is automatically matched with a uniform radius that does not require stream deflection
  • Matched 0.6”/hour precipitation rates enable large and small turf areas to be zoned together by mixing rotors and Rain Bird R-VAN rotary nozzles

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  • Three Nozzle trees of 25′, 30′, and 35′ (7,6 m, 9,1 m, 10,7 m) radii
  • Each tree contains a Q (90°), T (120°), H (180°), and F (360°) Nozzle

Model Comparison

  • 5000-MPR-25: Tree of nozzles for 25-foot radius with Q, T, H, F Nozzles attached
  • 5000-MPR-30: Tree of nozzles for 30-foot radius with Q, T, H, F Nozzles attached
  • 5000-MPR-35: Tree of nozzles for 35-foot radius with Q, T, H, F Nozzles attached
  • 5000MPRMPK: 5000/5000 Plus Series MPR nozzle tree multi pack- 25’, 30’, 35’ radius in Quarter, Third, Half, Full arc